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Web Wednesday 10/19/11

A New Critic would have various opinions on “Shakespeare’s Sonnet 65” annotated paragraph because it conflicts with their rules. Regardless,  it is important that we begin with the root of each significant word and understand how it ties into a bigger, uniformed meaning of text in the end. A New Critic would right away acknowledge the proper usage of breaking down almost each individual word. However, a New Critic would not care for the annotated notes on the historical content of a word. For example, how certain words Shakespeare uses are no longer used today in present time : “Against the wrackful siege of batt’ring day.” These words don’t really exist in modern times, and might affect the reader’s outcome of the poem as a whole, but the New Critics would say to leave your feelings aside and focus on the definition of the word, not of its popularity of usage in current times. I think the New Critic would really enjoy the extensive breakdown of words, although they would probably be against the hover-annotation technique, and prefer the simplicity of just a pen, paper, and dictionary.

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~ by seslami on October 26, 2011.

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