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My Investigative Proposal

When I first started off researching words in the Queens College database, I used words such as: ethics, conflict, and consequences. However, after searching each of those specific words, synonyms appeared to give me a better variety and selection. For example:

My old word: ethics
After searching: PROFESSIONAL ethics, MEDICAL ethics, CODES of ethics, LEGAL ethics.

My old word: conflict
After searching: conflict management, social conflict, interpersonal conflict, conflict (psychology)

My old word: consequences
After searching: drinking of alcoholic beverages, mental health, regression analysis, social impact, research, epidemiology

After writing down the list of synonyms, I initiated my first ever research through a database. My first few attempts were quit feeble and I was quickly getting discouraged. No results were appearing, and if they did, it was all about legal doctor issues, which didn’t relate to my story.

My short story, “The Use of Force,” by William Carlos Williams, is basically about a doctor who goes “over and beyond” the necessary procedure to try to force a little girl to open up her mouth, so he can check if she has disease which has been fatal to many others. However, he starts to get pleasure out of it, which leads me to my main theme or question I am trying to answer:

Is it ethical to hurt someone for their own good? What is the psychology behind it? How does power versus submission play into this? Is it morally/professionally ethical to feel pleasure out of someone else’s pain?

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~ by seslami on November 23, 2011.

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