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My Cover Letter-

Dear Reader,

This blog represents the coursework I have done for my English 170W class that I am currently taking at Queens college. The work on this blog is a variety of different analysis on the readdings we have done in class. A majorite of the pages, posts, and graphic images are related to a short story I have chosen. The other posts and pages are just miscellaneous asssingments on different readings we have done in class.

The process and effort that has been put into this blog can be clearly shown. I have finally grasped how to analyze a story/text from different points of views (New Critic VS Old Critic, Freud, etc.) For example, my chosen short story, “The Use of Force,” by William Carlos Williams, made me focus more on Freud’s point of view. It also made me focus on the historical context of the current time period (the 1900s) and the deadly disease called, “diptheria,” which is the main reason of the story, (or what seems apparent.) I also made clear to note the author’s background and how it affected the story.

A weakness that I must continue working on is writing HTML code. I would also like to improve my “computer skills” fluency, because I am still not 100% confident with my abilities. I would also like to work on citing in MLA styles.

A few strengths I have acquired through this course is identifying relevant literary terms, imager, illusion, etc when doing a close analysis of a text. I also improved on using web search engines, the online QC Library Database, to gather research for my assignments and fully putting it to effective use. I was also able to create a “hover link,” (which I’ve never even heard of before!) Lastly, I was also able to create a “Conference Presentation” link to open up as a movie file so the reader can easily view the work without having to download anything, and watch the movie at their own pace.


A fellow college student

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~ by seslami on December 19, 2011.

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  1. Great website. I liked your Conference Presentation; I have the feeling that if you were to pursue the Freudian reading in a formal paper that you would find lots of other details in the story to discuss! I was surprised, though, that you didn’t say more about the fact that Williams was also a pediatrician. I wonder if that would change how a reader were to interpret his story.

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