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Writing part- Reflection on the last two hybrid classes

When I first realized that this English class was going to be a “hybrid” class, I was skeptical. However, after our last two meets on twitter and the qwriting blog, my doubts have decreased and I have become more enthusiastic. The first hybrid class was chaotic and hard to follow as to what exactly was going on. But as time progressed throughout the class, I finally grasped the concept and realized how to follow along. Using multiple tabs I was able to switch back and forth between twitter and qwriting which really helped. When Professor asked us to comment on other people’s comments, I was able to respond carefully, critically, and sensitively to language. I was also able to identify the different uses of connotation and denotation.┬áThe second hybrid class was significantly smoother to follow and I felt like I (kinda) knew what I was doing. It was a big improvement from the first class, I have to admit. I think as time progresses I will be even more comfortable with using twitter and interacting with the rest of the class as I would in person. It’s definitely a change of pace compared to my other classes, and I’m glad to be trying something new and refreshing.

A short story I am interested in –

A short story I am interested in pursuing is, “The Use of Force,” written by William Carlos Williams (1883-1963). This story attracted my attention because it is one of a mixed genre. The depiction of characters is quite vivid with imagery and captures the reader. The main summary of the story is that a doctor is trying to diagnose a child’s fever, but the child refuses to allow an examination, so the doctor must resort to forceful methods.

The author, Williams, is an American poet and also wrote a few short stories as well. Williams himself was a practicing physician and wrote his stories based on his experiences with his patients and everyday work life. A main issue Williams focuses on is the division of the social classes and how that affects their physical and social being.

I am looking forward to tearing the story apart, by carefully examining the figurative devices used and learning how it incorporates into the main theme.


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