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William Carlos Williams Background & Information

William Carlos Williams was an American poet who was known for his works related to imagism and modernism. He was also a pediatrician and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Although he was a pediatrician, his full devotion was to his writing. His most popular poem collection is, “The Red Wheelbarrow.”  Williams is associated with the American Modernist movement in literature. Williams wanted to renew language through the new idiom that grew out of America’s cultural and social norm, at the same time freeing it from what he saw as the worn-out language of British and European culture. In May 1963, he was proudly awarded the Pulitzer Prize for “Pictures from Brueghel and other poems.”(1962) and the “Gold Medal for Poetry of the National Institutes of Arts and Letters.” The Poetry Society of America continues to honor William Carlos Williams by presenting an annual award in his name for the best book of poetry published by a small, non-profit or university press.

In my chosen short story, “The Use of Force,” the summary is basically about a doctor who tries to examine a young girl who may have diphtheria. Unfortunately, the young girl refuses to let the doctor touch her, which leads to the meaning of the title, “The Use of Force.” Williams liked to create stories based on his everyday experiences while being a doctor. Which is where the background of this story comes from.

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